Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Feeling even better now....

One thing I found today (while checking a school friend's blog) was a list of other "recently updated" blogs on this BlogSpot site.  That's when I found this one, and all of a sudden my day seemed even better than it had been, up to that point.

For me, today's joys actually started off late last night with receiving an incredible gift and affirmation from a friend and his family, as well as ongoing news about my sister Sue's quest for a more mobility-friendly residence for her and husband Jeff.  Early this morning, I had breakfast with a newly-sober fellow, followed by several phone calls from friends.  Then I got word that a couple job potentials are still in progress, and I got a number of other applications in-process this morning.  And a  friend from Kansas is taking me out to dinner tonight downtown.  How can you beat that?  

If there were a song for today, it would be Chris Rice's Life Means So Much, along with Vince Guaraldi's classic "Peanuts" theme, Linus and Lucy, along with "Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity" from Gustav Holst's incredible work The Planets.  To be honest, my life ain't exactly what I want it to be right now in a number of ways...but I'm very, very glad to have all of it, today.  Thanks, God, for the precious gift of this 24 hours...I'm not always so ready to receive it, or to spend it well, but I'm more than happy to take it, today.

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