Friday, February 18, 2005

It's hard not to feel envious of this....

In the community of recovery, it's often said that if you stick around long enough, you will hear someone else tell your story. Today, I picked up a book and found the church I've been searching for more than 15 years. (Of course - since God has a sense of humor - the only real problem is, it's in Minneapolis....and of course, I'm in Chicago...)

This is directly (and shamelessly) quoted from Reimagining Spiritual Formation - A Week in the Life of an Experimental Church, by Doug Pagitt and the Solomon's Porch Community [El Cajon, CA: emergentYS/Zondervan, 2004], page 17.
We dream of a church where…
1. We listen to and are obedient to God
2. People who are not Christians become followers of God in the way of Jesus
3. Those who are not involved in church would become an active part of it
4. People are deeply connected to God is all of life; body, mind, soul, & spirit
5. Beauty, art, and creativity are valued, used, and understood as coming from the Creator
6. Culture is met, embraced, and transformed
7. Joy, fun, and excitement are part of our lives
8. The Kingdom of God is increased in real ways in the world
9. The biblical story of God is told and contributed to
10. Biblical justice, mercy, grace, love and righteousness lead the way
11. Truth, honesty, and health are a way of life
12. We value innovation, and are willing to take risks in order to bring glory to God
13. Worship of God is full, vibrant, real, and pleasing to God
14. Faith, hope, and love are the context for all
15. The next generation of leadership is built up and leaders are servants
16. Everyone is equipped to do ministry
17. God's Spirit takes precedence over all structures and systems
18. Christian community is the attraction to outsiders and the answer to questions of faith
19. People participate in the Kingdom of God in accordance with their abilities and gifts
20. We are connected to, dependent on, and serve the global Church
21. People learn the ways of God and are encouraged to make it central to their lives
22. Other churches are valued and supported
23. People's visions and ideas of ministry come to life.
Are you ready to go? I know I am.
Two words: road trip.

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Poor Mad Peter said...

Envious? Maybe. More like, somewhat wary... It sounds wonderful, but I guess after over 2 decades deeply involved in a mainline church at many levels, I confess the sin of some skepticism over such a description.

UNLESS it is the stated goal of a church community.

In which case, sign me up.