Sunday, April 24, 2005


Yuck. That's all that I can say.

It's April 22nd...actually, April 23rd, by now. It was cold today - but the sun finally came out about 3 this afternoon. Still, they've threatened snow for three days, when I was driving - but the one time I'm taking the El/CTA bus home, it snows.

Actually, it was more like "wintry mix" - which is not Chex Mix with peppermints added. It is sleet and freezing rain, and it sucks to have it stick to your hair and ears while you're waiting for a bus. Trust me.

Oh, well, I am home safe - and warm - so what am I whining about, eh? It was a great evening, a great potluck with friends from Fourth Presbyterian, a great musical review of MGM's great musical movies - so, basically, screw the weather! It's still been a pretty damn good day.


Peter said...

Lousy weather is wonderful to watch and savour--from inside a warm dwelling. From amid the cold and wet, lousy weather sucks, indeed...

Michael Dodd said...

When the weather throws snow at me at this point in April, I ask myself why I wanted to stay in Chicago. Then I remember, "Oh, him." [He says the irony is he is staying in Chicago because of me...]