Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A brief sabbatical

I've developed a bad habit - and I'm trying to take some action to break it.

A wise man in recovery once told me, "It's good that I'm with you folks - 'cause when I'm with you, then I'm stuck with me. And when I'm with me, sadly, I'm not alone." I've never had the voices tell me to clean my guns, or anything - but I hear from the unhealthy ones all the time. (Given that, the fact that I'm still sober is proof of the existence of a loving, caring God...)

But I tend to get to blogging at night. And I do it like everything else - obsessively. So I end up getting lousy sleep, which ends up affecting everything else in my daylight hours. So I need to find a way to moderate that behavior (though God knows I haven't had much success at moderation in anything else in my life!).

At any rate, tonight I had a delightful meal with roommate Tim, his lady Jean, and their good friend Josh. I definitely was the "can you tell which one doesn't fit?" candidate, both in age, in worldview, and in politics. But the chili and jalapeno cornbread and strawberries and shaved white chocolate were wonderful, and it was nice to just spend time with Tim & Jean before Tim leaves town for Virginia.

I came back to my room, watched a little Stargate SG-1, and realized there are about 18 ideas for blog postings in my head right now - and yet I'm tired enough that I just need to go to bed.

And rather than stay up until 3 AM way the hell past my bedtime, I'm just going to trust that God will preserve whatever ideas I have that are worthwhile, and let the rest of 'em float away. And I'm going to bed before 1 AM - which is a vast improvement, believe me.

Wednesday and Thursday evening, I'm hoping to spend time with my pastor from Kansas, Joe Crowther, who is in town for the Festival of Homiletics, being hosted at Fourth Presbyterian downtown. So I'm going to take a bye for Wednesday night and Thursday night, and re-join the blogosphere on Friday night or Saturday. Some topics for when I get back...
- The only real way to do the Eucharist
- One or more entries about Dave Fleming's The Seeker's Way and the changing/emerging church
- Renee's powerful post about ruach elohim - check it out over here
- A lousy office with a great entrance lobby.
- Trusting God and taking action.
Plus whatever the voices tell me to write about in the meantime.
See you soon...


Michael said...

Hope you have a grand time. We await your (rested) return.

Katherine said...

Been enjoying your posts and am glad at heart about the work you do and your honest commentary.

I totally identify with your comment "I'm just going to trust that God will preserve whatever ideas I have that are worthwhile, and let the rest of 'em float away. And I'm going to bed before 1 AM - which is a vast improvement, believe me."

I have so often had to ask God to keep for me anything that was worth saying, since I needed to get to bed and didn't have time to even jot the ideas down. And likewise I have taken breaks from posting. Good for you. Rest. Simmer. Refresh. Relax! The internet will still be here when you return. And God's brain is quite large enough to hold all your thoughts for you until then. Blessings!

the reverend mommy said...

I stay up way too late, as well.
But I watch SG-1 *and* blog. At the same time. While I am whipping up a gourmet meal and writing my sermons 6 months in advance. (heh heh heh)
Ok, I can't really do more than one thing at a time, but I sure wish I could. Too much to blog about and too little time. Enjoy the Festival -- I wish I could be there!

Rick said...

Sabbath... Sabbatical? Sounds spiritual to me.

APN said...


I'm envious. Time off.... Just what is that again? But seriously, I look forward to discoursing upon that concept of Renee's. Beautiful post of hers....

Enjoy yourself.

Poor Mad Peter said...

Whatever it takes, take really good care of yourself, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Take full advantage of the Festival of Homiletics. I attended some of it last year when my church hosted it and was truly blown away by the preaching.

washington, dc

~m2~ said...

steve, i am an insomniac. sleeping through the night rarely happens and on the nights i am up over 15 minutes, i give in and trod down the stairs and fire up the dell.

that is simply not right. i should trod down the stairs and fire up the milk for some hot chocolate. what i am thinking?

i can't wait to read what you feel the need to post on. peaceful rest, bro.

Sue said...

A "Festival of Homiletics" -- wow. That sounds awesome...

I too have fallen into the late night blogging pattern, though i'm usually in the crib by midnight...still, sometimes it gets late. I do my best creative work at night, always have. It's a shame that the rest of the world doesn't get with the program and let us night owls sleep in!

I enjoy your site Steve...found it through poor mad peter.

I hope your sabbatical time is life-giving for you.