Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There goes Merton, kicking my butt again

by way of Martha, Martha:
You must realize that it is the ordinary way of God's dealings with us that our ideas do not work out speedily and efficiently as we would like them to. The reason for this is not only the loving wisdom of God, but also the fact that our acts have to fit into a great complex pattern that we cannot possibly understand. I have learned over the years that Providence is always a whole lot wiser than any of us, and that there are always not only good reasons but the very best reasons for the delays and blocks that often seem to us so frustrating and absurd.
(The Hidden Ground of Love, Letters by Thomas Merton)
Thanks, Penni, for that little text. I have struggled with the "why" questions for a long, long time - especially in the last two days, and I need to reflect mightily on those bolded words.


Poor Mad Peter said...

Kicking your butt, or encouraging you?

Brother said...

Kicking our butts with encouragement! Merton rocks.

APN said...

And further proof that we all need to be reading more Merton, more often.

Thanks for posting this bit of text.

Brother said...

PS Steve, I was on vacation and away from Internet for a while, and just now read your previous couple posts ... God bless you and your sister in these - um - challenging times.

I, too am a member of the Chicago recovery community. I'm sad to know you're leaving us to fend for ourselves in this nutty city, and yet happy that you're able to pick up and move on to face challenges anew, strengthened by your Higher Power and your program.

I'll keep you in my prayers, and I pray that you'll keep posting, pal; you're performing an invaluable service for so many of us.

wilsonian said...

What powerful words these are, and what freedom they give. Nothing like having permission to relax into today, make it fit completely and take it all in.

Peace, brother.