Monday, June 11, 2007

Still alive...

...if not particularly happy about it.

A triple witching hour meant that I ended up having most of a week of being sick - physically and mentally - at the same time that my sister and brother-in-law both were up-n-down with back problems. I had a bout with a devastating stomach bug, followed by combinations of ear-infection, eye infection, and way-elevated blood sugar conspired to keep me dizzy, unable to sit up, and basically unable to do much of anything. Needless to say, between the three of us we didn't manage to put one healthy adult together, and the wreckage of the week has been tough to clean up.

Today is yet another one of those "fresh start" days, and I keep trying hard not to beat up on myself for falling apart, but accept the old Phillips, Craig & Dean lyric that says "You make Your mercy new, every morning." So I am leaving in just a minute to go do the walking that I had abandoned some time ago, and try to do what the doctors are telling me.

Then I will face whatever wreckage I can at The Evil Empire, and try to pick up the pieces there. I dread even thinking of what that looks like, but I need to take care of first things first, and that evil will come when it does.

Ah, the joys of "trudging the road of happy destiny..."

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wilsonian said...

Praying joy for you today, Steve.