Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A fascinating "meme"....

For those who don't know better, a "meme" is something which you do, and then ask your friends to do as well. It usually is something informative about that person, or their interests (or something less-than-spiritual, on occasion...)

So here's Dr. Benton Quest's meme:
Step One – pull out a book on the book shelf.
Step Two – go to page 123.
Step Three – read and write out the 5th sentence.
Step Four – tag 5 more people.

I'll admit it; I cheated. I pulled about 8 books off the shelf looking for a page-123, sentence-#5 item that didn't say something stupid like, "And then Jim ran out the door" or "And this is what we find, time and again."

This is from my one of my favorite emergent writers, Renee Altson, from stumbling toward faith: my longing to heal from the evil that God allowed. Powerhouse stuff, as Renee's always is:
whenever you try to regulate Godliness you come up with something a lot less than God.
A close runner-up is James Bryant Smith's Embracing The Love of God, one of the books from the Renovare' movement. This is page 123, 5th sentence:
Doesn't God have something better to do than go around finding people tires?
Both are definite teasers to read the books in their entirety...

Anyway, I'm going to tag Michael, Erin, Penni, Hope, and Black Peter.

If anyone wants to chime in with a great page-123-5th-sentence from the book of their choice, feel free to comment. (Also, if you want to be rigorously honest, how many of you found a really, really cool line on sentence 3-4 or 5-8 that you would have loved to have used instead?)


Peter said...

Tagged, and met the "rigourous honesty" test, Steve man.

~pen~ said...

oh gosh i've been memed!!!

i am so sorry, dear one, that i didn't participate. but right now i will grab a random book and head over to m2 :)

(thanks for thinking of me?)

BentonQuest said...

Hey Steve! Thanks for playing!

I really liked the two sentences you grabbed. Especially the tire one. I heard Rod Parsley state that if you tithe, God will keep your tires from wearing out.