Sunday, June 19, 2011

Branching out....

I am not done posting here.

But I am finding the need to post things that don't need to remain anonymous. I'd like to be able to talk on some topics that don't require anonymity...and I'd like to share some of the things I've written here with a wider audience.

So I've started a new blog over at A Bubble Off Square

The first post can be found over here.

The title comes from a term I often heard from older men when I was growing up..."that guy is just a bubble off square." It's a carpentry term, and refers to using a level to indicate whether an item was built "square."  If the angles were precisely level or vertical, a bubble would appear centered between two vertical lines. If the item were not level or not vertical, the bubble would show as crossing those two vertical guide lines. If the item were really off-kilter, the whole level bubble would be outside the guide lines...hence "a bubble off square" was the equivalent of saying "that's really not right" or "that guy is way off." 

(My mom would say it differently: "That boy is not wrapped right, or tight.")

One thing to confess, up front: I haven't really received the gift of brevity, yet. The second post proves that I am still capable of an epistle or two. (In fairness, the ideas behind post #2 have been churning for a while now. It all just kind of came out at once.)

I will still be posting here... and I will likely steal some of my stuff from here and cross-posting it over there. Forgive me - even though I think I know what I'm doing, sometimes.

Stay tuned....