Saturday, December 20, 2003

Brace yourself....

[Note: this was the first post on my former LiveJournal blog, which has since been deleted]

Not everything we call "progress" is such - but some of this technology stuff sure can be amazing!

For years, I've been posting my thoughts - about life, faith, doubts, sobriety, love, and the lack of all of the above - through a number of email devotionals (not to mention thousands of emails to friends), whether people wanted to read 'em or not. But a while back, my apartment-mate introduced me to a wonderful entry on his friend's blog ("blog" = web-log, for those who - like me - aren't that savvy). That led to one thing, and it often does. So I'm finally easing my way onto the information superhighway with a newly-born (and very much work-in-progress) web-site, and my very own "blog."

This is really nothing more than a way to journalize in public, I share my personal adventures (and my faith and sobriety journey) with web-savvy friends and family. Some of the topics will definitely be personal, and some controversial - some may even be offensive to a few folks. But I'm convinced that part of the reason I am where I am, and am going through what I am, is to be able to share the journey as I get to "trudge the road of Happy Destiny" (AA text, p. 164). "Soli deo gloria" - to God alone be the glory!

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