Saturday, December 20, 2003

Don't read the newspapers...

[note: this entry was originally posted on my former LiveJournal account, which is now been deleted]

Don't read the newspapers...
...if you don't want to be depressed.

The Chicago Sun-Times (distinguished rag that it is) reports that, in a town where thousands will go homeless and hungry today, the owners of Harry Caray's restaurant paid $113,824 to buy "the Bartman baseball," the ball deflected by Cubs fan Steve Bartman which is claimed (mostly by morons) to have cost the Cubs their pennant this summer. These supposedly-sane individuals purchased the ball for the sole purpose of *destroying it*, thereby "erasing 'the most tangible symbol of that pain'," according to the Sun-Times. Oh, the shame and hurt of it all....(insert sound of teeth grinding).

I know...who cares, right? We've all seen more crass examples of blatant materialism and consumerism than this. But after singing at a South Chicago church last Sunday as a benefit for a homeless shelter, the needle jabs just a little deeper this morning, somehow. Dear God, don't ever let me get so complacent that raw sewage like this doesn't anger me. "Maranatha" - come quickly, Lord Jesus.

The other thing of interest was the impending tempest in France over Muslim headwear and Chirac's ban on "conspicuous religious symbols" in state-run schools. On behalf of my Muslim brothers and sisters, Mr. Chirac, thank you. Everyone knows that the best way to build up a movement is to persecute it - so perhaps you could enact a ban on crucifixes, and maybe a tax on church property, too? The Christian church in France (or anywhere else in Europe or North America, for that matter) could sure use a boost, while you're at it...

Got TobyMac & Point of Grace singing "Light of the World" on the jukebox - Toby's deep, resonant, bluesy voice gives me a very un-Christian case of envy. And Aretha Franklin's "Joy To The World" - my ongoing prayer is that there is at least a little of Heaven that sounds like that! Thank you, God, for the gift of music!

Headed to Ohio for Christmas today - the WeatherBug says that weather is good, except in Mishawaka, IN, where it always stinks, somehow, so it should be a good drive. I intended to get out of town yesterday, but the complications from my latest foot surgery (along with some nasty digestive problems that don't bear discussing in public) kept me up late into the night Friday night. So I'm off to gather up my stuff, get cleaned up, soak the feet one more time, and get rolling.

(Sidebar: if anyone who cares about me *ever* hears me talking about elective surgery - you know, like this foot surgery...the kind where you don't *have* to do it to stay alive - get me to detox, quick. This is the last time I am gonna be in the body-&-fender shop - at least on a voluntary basis!)

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