Thursday, December 23, 2004

No problem with a white Christmas...

(The view from sister Sue's condo, 10 AM Thursday)Posted by Hello

I left Chicago after having a quick dinner with my friend Matt, and finishing the packing I didn't do the night before (procrastinator that I am). So I didn't hit the road until 8 PM. I'd been reading about snow-showers across northern Indiana all day, so I was sure I was in for a hellish ride. To my surprise, I had virtually dry pavement from Chicago all the way to Angola, IN, and I pretty well flew along for the first 2 hours or so.

But about the I-69/I-80/90 interchange, it all went to hell - by the time I came to the Eastgate of the Indiana toll road, the anti-lock brakes were kicking in regularly. The phrase "slip-sliding away..." kept dancing in my head, and as I was definitely averse to spending the evening waiting for AAA to come tow me out of a ditch, I joined the "slow-poke parade" in the right lane that the morons trucks doing 60 mph kept buzzing around. (I'm sorry, but despite being born in Buffalo, and living most of my life in snow-states, I'm just not a star driver in snow...and I'd much rather be known as "the delayed Steve F" rather than "the late Steve F...)

Each time these hot-rodding cars and trucks would blow by, I'd experience this wonderful white-out effect, and lose all visibility for an interminable moment. I don't know what semi-rig I followed across most of Ohio, but s/he was going as slowly as I was, and their tail-lights were like a guiding angel during each of those whiteouts. Thank you, God, for sending me an 18-wheel guide-dog to lead me through!

I got to Sue & Jeff's about 2 AM ET - nearly 5 hours to make a 3-1/2 hour trip. But I'm here, safe and warm, and slept like a log. We're expecting more snow all day, so I think we're just gonna settle in and admire Sue & Jeff's beautiful tree, eat some great chicken chili, and bake cookies. Hopefully, I'll be able to get out tonight and tomorrow AM, and get to visit some friends in recovery. Then Friday night will be the big family evening with sisters Sue & Sandy, husbands Jeff and Dave, and Jeff's family.

For now, I'm just very grateful to be here, safe, sane, sober, and undented.

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