Monday, December 06, 2004

Read it and weep

Still think the war in Iraq is a good idea? Read this article from the Arizona Republic...and ask yourself the question again.

It made me weep. What a tragic waste.


AutobodyCAD said...

That article was so obviously meant to manipulate...spelling out every gory detail. Americans today (myself included) are so far removed from the horrors of war. Ancient warfare was in-your-face gory. Hand-to-hand and face-to-face, you saw who you killed. In modern war, when people screw up, it's more damaging, what with bombs and eplosives. A high percentage of deaths in any modern war are friendly fire.

Beyond all that, what does Iraq have to do with Afghanistan (where Tillman was serving) and Osama bin Laden? I know; I realize Bush says it's the same War on Terror, but if so, why was WMD the bally-hooed reason to ovethrow Saddam?

I agree, Iraq is not worth it. But that has nothing to do with Afghanistan and Tillman's unfortunate death there.

dave p said...

Yeah, sure it's Afghanistan, not Iraq, but the circumstances of Tillman's death are a travesty.

That said, however, those who enter the military do so on the understanding that they will likely be taking direct orders from self-serving morons. Nobody should join up until and unless they've read Blackhawk Down.

Hmm, yet another bodged military operation that the Army tried to sweep under the rug...

Pat said...

I'm a civilian and probably shouldn't comment, but heck, here I go anyway...
Humans make mistakes. In war, the cost of mistakes is high. As Dave said, our soldiers go in knowing they are depending on eachother. When the smoke is cleared, even though his colleagues failed him, Tillman's sacrifice still has meaning, does it not?

I see a lot of spiritual metaphor here.