Thursday, January 20, 2005

A message to Dubya: Ford has a better idea

It's just after midnight on Inauguration Coronation Day. Not a limo to be found for 50 miles around Washington today, from what I hear. The Washington Post headline email is full of Barbara's Oscar-de-la-Renta gown, George's tuxedo, and what it would cost to do the Presidential suite at various DC hotels (cheapest shot, $150K a night). The early reports said $100 million - I'd bet that's low by 50%. How the rich do love a good party...

In this article in Wednesday's Chicago Tribune, it seems Ford Motor Co. has been taking some of CEO Bill Ford's better ideas to heart, and has actually posted a profit of $495 million (admittedly, on revenue of many billions of dollars). But interestingly enough, Bill Ford is not drawing a salary, even though the company that bears his family name is "back in the black." He could get paid - but as Ford said in the article, "It's not about the money."

Don't you wish we had a president who could say that? One who could say, "A hundred million dollars for one day's formal-wear debauchery, in a land where there is so much desperate need, is an obscenity - there is no need for this! There are a hundred - no, a hundred thousand better uses for this money than to spend it for parties for fat cats who have profited - and will continue to profit - from their support for me. They'll get theirs, certainly - but for now, let's at least consider looking less rapacious than we really are."

But the fact is, I at least have to give Br'er Bush and his hunta this: they are completely honest about where they are, what they want, and how they want to do things. They are doing things up right, treating themselves to a mega-millions victory dance (and disregarding the needs of the common folk) because that's what they do. The voting public knew it, and voted 'em in anyway. So I should be happy, I guess, that there's no credibility gap - what we see is what we get.

I just wish it were different, that's all.

If you hear someone humming "We shall overcome" during today's events...well, that would be me.


dave p said...

Q: Would Kerry's have been any different?
A: No

Q: Was Clinton's any different?
A: No

Poor Mad Peter said...

While Dave p. has a point, I'd suggest that your view of the US electorate is a correct one, Steve, and even we in Canada have to bide our time until the current reign is over.

Come to that, we in Canada recently re-elected someone simply on "better the devil we know" basis, someone who has favoured the rich and popwerful his entire political life, and who sheds crocodile tears almost better than anyone I've heard of since the Inquisition.

We are no better...

Im A Foto Nut said...

Dear Brother Steve,

I think you better sit down for this one. I am about to say something that you will probably not expect from me, a Red State Republican. I AGREE WITH YOU 99.999999999999999999999999% ON THIS ONE BUDDY!!!!

It's ok Steve you can get off the floor. Fan yourself or something, it'll be ok.

I also agree with the gentleman's remarks above mine, that Blue Stater Parties are never any different.

The pesky little .000000000000000000000000001% is this. . . While it is admirable for Democrats to want to help the masses by playing Robin Hood, they too have their agendas.

It is my OPINION only, that what it all boils down to is vote buying, mixed with keeping the bastards down and letting them think the Democrats really care about them.

Case in point. At election time Democrats spend a lot of time waving the flag and telling every one how wonderful they are because they are truly for the people. Why because they support programs that provided for the less fortunate. Ok, let us then look at just one of the programs that they are talking about, yes welfare. Welfare was not suppose to be an income replacement to support generation upon generation of families. It was ment to be used as a "leg up", if you will, until a better source of income can be attained.

Oh, but what about the disabled, you ask? Did you know that a female who tips the scales at more than 350 lbs. can collect disability benefits? Which means if I am a fat female, with the ability to procreate multiple lives, I can live off the government. "Man aren't the those Democrats wonderful?!"

Now the trickle down effect starts. My mama let the government support her all her life, why should I have to get a job. All I have to do is get fat, and pump out babies like she did, and I woun't have to work either."Man, I love those Democrats, they sure help the little guy."

Before you get your BVD's in a bunch, let me qualify my opinions. I do think that the government should help those Americans who need it. I think it is aweful that with the great wealth this country has that we have homeless on the streets, and millions of working poor among us. However, are these people best served with the current system? Not only no, HELL NO!

It has already been proven that it is cheaper to educate someone to a level at which they can earn a better living, than it is to support them on welfare for the rest of their natural lives. I agree that not everyone has the mental ability to get a college degree, but that is not required to earn a wage on which one can live without the assistance of the U.S. Government. Furthermore, doing so would break the chain reaction of generationaly government dependant families. 'Cause if my mama was able to beat the odds by getting the education she needed to make my life better than I can do that too. Maybe I can even go to college. (Even if the government had to pay for that education, the money pit would most likely stop there.)

Then they too, would see the value of earning your keep and not living off the government. To prove my point, all I have to do is to point you the the Young Republicans Group. Not long ago in Kansas City the news paper wrote a piece on this group. It said the group was largely made up of upwardly mobile, college educated, African Americans that used the system as it was suppost to be used. The artical also said that these individuals were trying to get the word out to their community about how the Democrats are purposefully keeping them down on one hand, but telling them that they are their knight in shining armour on the other.

In the end the question I want to ask is this: Does the current system truly help the less fortunate, or does it propigate them in mass? Before you answer, I want you to be very honest with yourself on this one. Furthermore, I do beleive that we both want the same things. Unfortunately, neither the current Republican, or the current Democratic agendas will get us there. Which means that both parties will play an endless tough of war, never really fixing anything. Got to love those checks and balances!


Ps. The opinions expressed above are just that OPINIONS. If you believe my grandfather, he always said they are like assholes, everybody's got one. I know that you and I will never agree on polotics, but it is sure fun to try and get a little closer together on it. I am so glad to have you as a friend, because I know that you love me even those I am a Republican, and I you, even though you are a Democrat, and God loves us both inspite of ourselves.