Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pulling the nose up

Well, I wouldn't say things are getting better, but they have gotten less bad in the last day or so. It's like a jet fighter whose engines have flamed out and is in a flat spin (think Top Gun). If the pilot can just get the nose up enough to pull out of the spin, the engines have a better chance of reigniting.

That's about where we are, today.

Instead of a $700-900 refrigerator replacement, we had a $250 repair. All should be well, we are told, and all the frozen food is again frozen. It's $250 we didn't have to spend, but oh, well.

Brother-in-law found a chiropractor that seemed to bring him relief, and is working with them on the bill (reduced fees for cash customers). Again, not good, but not nearly as bad as we'd feared. Sister Sue is not excited about chiropractors - which has something to do with bad experiences in the past, and part to do with her fibromyalgia. I, of course, don't get her objections; my experience is that a good chiropractor is like a good doctor, mechanic or fix-it guy - they are gems when you can find them. I'd like to schedule an appointment with him myself, at some point.

The eye is fractionally better, the digestive woes seem at bay for today, and the day is looking fractionally better. For which we give much thanks.

The kids have a spaghetti supper in Van Wert on Saturday as part of the Van Wert Peony Festival. Like all fundraising dinners by groups of quasi-organized teens, it will either work, or it won't. We have a couple of dedicated moms to help, and we'll just see. Worst comes to worst, we'll be eating spaghetti for a while instead of pizza after meetings. The dinner is from 4-8, which means that I will leave at noon, get there at 2, leave at 9, get home at 11.

I will be going back to St. Paul's (ELCA) for worship this weekend. It will be interesting - I will check out both their regular worship and the seeker service held in the nearby theatre, known simply as 10:35. It will be interesting.

For now, I am giving thanks for a day with no great crises, and little or no low back pain (for me, anyway.) I'll take my blessings where I can find them.

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Michael said...

Glad the near-disasters have turned out not to be any nearer. So often the case.

I was just thinking today about what percentage of my income goes to health care. It is a bit depressing. Since I don't have insurance as such, the local clinic and hospital give me a reduction of one third on my bills. It is a church-based hospital and I am sure they are carrying me as a charity case to some extent. The fact is, however, that it costs them a lot less to deal with my check for their services than doing all the insurance paperwork would cost. A doctor in Milwaukee told me he had more people on staff to handle insurance claims than he did for direct health care service to his patients...