Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunshine, great art, great music

The weather this last weekend was absolutely beautiful - high of 80, low humidity, great breezes, partly sunny. It was a day when at just the moment when it felt like the sun was too much, it would duck behind a cloud, and everyone would say, "AHhhhhh..."

So it was that sister Sue, brother-in-law Jeff and I ventured out to the Crosby Festival of The Arts, at what the city calls The Toledo Botanical Gardens - but most of the locals know as Crosby Gardens. George P. Crosby created the park with a 20-acre gift - which has expanded to over 60 acres in the western suburban edge of Toledo. It's a delightful place, even if there weren't hundreds of artists and vendors there for the weekend.

I loved pieces like this - I guess I'm a closet liturgist at heart, because the idea of this as a communion goblet just really sounded like a good idea.

There was a lot of photography, a lot of glass work, pottery, fabrics, jewelry, you name it. It was amazing to see the pool of talent that had been assembled for this show.

Today, as it's 73 already (headed for 90-plus) I'm glad that the festival had such great weather. It was wonderful to get out and walk, although I saw how tragically out-of-shape I am (again).

Back to hump-day (Wednesday) - I have two deadlines that I'd rather eat ground glass than work on today. But it's like anything else - it won't get better if I don't work on them. So I'm off for my morning walk, and then into the day!


Erin said...

I hear that everything tastes better with bacon ;)

Im A Foto Nut said...

Yeah for morning walks! Bop on over to my blog to read about my humpday. I will trade with you.