Saturday, March 12, 2005

Over my shoulder, a backward glance...

Last Sunday, it was 65 degrees, sunny, and we were all in short sleeves, ready for crocuses to start popping up. Then, the denizens of Chicago weather struck...
Monday: clouds, sleet
Tuesday: clouds, cold, snow
Wednesday: sunshine, pretty cold
Thursday: cloudy, rain
Friday: sunny, bright, snow

For someone who suffers from mild-to-medium depression, and seasonal affective disorder, this kind of stuff can make one crazy. I guess we get the good days (what my friend Natalie would call "my one good day in a row") to keep us a safe distance away from mental-health professionals!

I've been struggling with sinus and ear infections. The cure (a good-sized dose of amoxicillin) has played hell with my digestion all week - and that, on top of the earaches and runny nose, has (a) given me opportunities to feel like a whimpering baby and (b) to lose all kinds of sleep. So I've been struggling that way for the whole week.

Add to this the fact that my employer's email and internet connections have been down all week (8 business days, to be exact), and I have to admit I've not been firing on all cylinders. But there are enough other things in my gratitude hopper to keep me fractionally right-sized, I guess.

While I'm sure that the topic will pop up and again, I promise that this is the last time I'm going to mention "the post" for quite a while - in many ways, this explains exactly why...

As John McCutcheon would say, "Alleluia, the great storm is over..." It's pretty clear that I'm between 14:30 and 16:00 into my "fifteen minutes of fame" on this topic.

I am, however, tremendously grateful to everyone who stopped by, who shared encouragement, and especially to those who took issue with what I wrote politely (a rarity in some parts of the blogosphere, to be sure). I hope whoever stopped by found some things worth reading besides "the post." I'm not really looking for fame, but friends (even long-distance, virtual ones) are the things for which I'm really grateful. Peace!

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Poor Mad Peter said...

Yep. Winter even now is getting old, and is going to pass, brother. We both live by lakes, big ones, which skews the weather a bit, but hey--the days are getting longer.