Friday, March 04, 2005

An overdose for an applause-hog


I've been humbled and awed by the feedback on my post on the woman at the well. I've found at least 3 different blogs that have it hot-linked...which I don't think has ever happened before. As I told both my nouveau readers at One Hand Clapping and parazeloo: provoked, linking back to another persons's post is the highest praise one blogger can give another - for which I'm really, really grateful.

In a spirit of shameless self-promotion, I'm going to offer one of my first posts, on a similar topic, might be of interest, over here. Though it was only my second blog-post, it's something I still believe in mightily.

I have to admit, this kind of attention is kind of like what I'd imagine a hit of coke would be like: instantly addictive. My fundamental character defects are being self-centered, self-seeking, and believing "it's all about me," and any kind of praise and "Woo-hoo!" just feeds into this, as you might imagine. The good news is, the original post practically wrote I know there's much more of Someone Else in this, and not a lot of me.

As I posted a couple days ago at RickinVa's Brutally Honest, I was once told by my pastor-mentor, Tom Housholder,"If it's good, it's probably God; if it's slop, it's almost certainly Steve." I think that's pretty much true today, too. And I'll rest in that grace, while I'm at it. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."

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So I Go said...

shameless self-promotion or not, i just read "Incompatible with Christian teaching..." and i was blown away. all i can say is YES! amen, brother. well said, very well said.

i think we were separated at birth.