Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A lull in the storm

Well, we are in the middle (God help us) of day two of our "go-live" project with my new employer's latest client. It has been what I would call a "mitigated disaster" - like so many technical processes that are long on promise and short on testing, we have had a series of crippling delays and technical FUBARs that made yesterday run until the crack of 2 AM, and promises to do the same or worse tonight. It's 7 PM now, and we are not anticipating being able to even start tonight's key-entries (preparatory to our evening processing) until about 8:30. That basically means that we may not be out of here until the sun comes up.

I know that this is temporary - and so it's easy to say things like "this, too, will pass - even if it will be like gallstones." To our credit, my boss says this implementation has been much better than the one from a year ago - the wreckage of which I am still helping them wade through. So I'm grateful for that.

And I'm greateful that my manager is one who's concerned about her people - they're paying for parking, lunch, dinner and pop. So they ask a lot, but they provide a lot. So it sure ain't as bad as it could be...

I'd love to share something smart, witty, or inspirational, but I think I'm going to go into a conference room and close my eyes for a few minutes. Hugs and peace, y'all.

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Michael said...

Are you awake?