Monday, January 16, 2006

Write-off weekend...

Well, this weekend definitely didn't go the way I'd hoped it would.

After the son-of-the-week-from-Hell at work, my plan was to make it to my Saturday-morning AA home group, spend some time cleaning my apartment, spend some time catching up on work, and then some more time cleaning and reorganizing my apartment.

With the exception of the Saturday morning gathering, nothing else happened.

Sometime Saturday afternoon, I came down with some kind of digestive ailment - not flu, because I'd had a shot for that, but every bit as vicious and draining. By two o'clock Saturday afternoon, I'd pretty well written off plans for Saturday, and by Sunday the only thing I'd accomplished was doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and finishing the last 8 episodes of Stargate SG-1.

I desperately needed to do way more than that - but it would have taken more power than God was willing to give me this weekend. So humility (or humiliation?) and surrender said, "Screw it - I'm done. Hopefully I'll be able to start again on Monday." I'm feeling better now - very late on Sunday night - but I'm not ready to go out and do Jazzercise anytime soon.

Those who know me also know there is not an athletic bone in my body, and have little or no use for football. Yet I actually tuned in periodically to see how "The Game" (between the Carolina Panthers and our own Chicago Bears, aka "Da Bears") was going. Tragically (though it was a tie-game a number of times), the Panthers beat Da Bears, quashing dreams of a Super Bowl victory for another year. Sadly, there was no gunfire in South Chicago this night... (at least not on MY street, anyway...)

I'd hoped to be able to install my company's remote-VPN software and work from home (assuming I had the energy or motivation to get off the damn sofa!) but I couldn't get the install program to do it's thing. I'm not sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, looking back at my energy levels over this weekend. After all, I've got company coming in next weekend - so if I wasn't in shape enough to clean and organize for them, I probably wasn't in shape enough to do much of anything else, either.

So, in a few minutes, I'm going to bed - again - and I'll try rising early tomorrow and headin' in to do battle with our problem-child implementation.

Topics on the horizon that I've been meaning to write about...
- having a history of work excesses
- where I fall in the heavenly hierarchies
- the one thing I absolutely know I'll fail at, and my one guaranteed success
- prayer, and how qualified one has to be to be a intercessory pray-er
Peace, y'all...


Hope said...

I am glad you are feeling better but sorry you had to let go of your weekend plans. Looking forward to reading your posts on the topics mentioned.

Dave said...

Steve, It could still have been the flu. The shots only handle a few strains, not all.
I hope you are doing better. Vitamin C and Garlic.

~m2~ said...

steve, sometimes He levels us when we need it most; things are things and they will eventually get done. they always do.

but we don't always rest. and we always need to.

hope you are feeling better.