Friday, January 27, 2006

A message from my Parent

As I was packing up to move last July, I was taking a lot of stuff to the trash. (None of the people who helped me move could have imagined how much stuff didn't make it to the new place!) But, of course, that meant a large number of trips to the community dumpsters.

On one such trip, early in the morning on trash day, I found a white framed canvas leaning up against the dumpster, onto which someone with a great eye for design had painstakingly lettered a message from God. Every word was in a different lettering style and color, mixing bold and italic and cursive and block, serif and san serif, outline and shadow with an amazing rainbow of color. And if the visual presentation was great, the message was pretty cool, too:
My dearest child,
I am constantly working in your life, adding this color, that shadow, this line. Like an artist with a paintbrush, I am making you into the very image of my beautiful and sinless child.

Don't constantly question what I'm doing. Don't struggle against my hand. Learn to trust the Artist who stands back and sees from his own perspectie what is needed in the portrait he is creating.

If you must question something today, ask this: "How will the circumstances of this day make me more like Jesus?" Then thank Me for the circumstances, and receive my grace to walk through them. I love you with a tenderness you cannot imagine.

Let's face it - how could I leave that kind of message (both in beauty and content) to go to the trash?

Recently, in going through some boxes, I found that canvas again, and ended up hanging it on the inside of my door, so I can read it everyday as I go outside. I can't help believing that my day will go better if I remember that my Creator really is constantly working in my life, working with color, beauty and design.

And it helps to believe that God loves me with a tenderness I cannot imagine.

My hope and prayer is that the person who crafted this prayer canvas did not part with it because they were tired of hearing it.


bobbie said...

beautiful steve - what a wonderful way to start the day!

Michael said...

Not until I came to Hyde Park did I discover that people actually discover treasures in alleys and by dumpsters. And that they take them home with them! Hmmm. I could probably make a whole metaphor about God finding me in an alley or beside a dumpster where I had discarded myself as useless and taking me home... But that would be pushing it, don't you think?

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Sanford said...

Good post, Brother Steve. Garbage reveals God, and keeps us on the straight and narrow path to Him. Keep preaching and teaching. You are a powerful and inspiring voice of Christ.

Nozza said...

Hey Steve! Great post - isn't it cool how God manages to speak to us through the ordinariness of life! Just goes to prove that He is indeed so passionatel involved in our lives!

Keep True!

wilsonian said...

What a beautiful message... thanks!

Keith Brenton said...

Maybe it oughta go to work with you, Steve ... it might avert a warp-core breach!

Or just start a conversation ....

David A. said...

I stumbled in by accident.

Your insights are wonderful. Straight from the heart, never trite. An incredibly honest blog, Steve.

Keep up the good work.

Lee Anne said...

Thanks, Steve. I really needed to hear this message from our Abba today.

David Chatelier said...

Powerful stuff, Steve. I used your story to end my sermon on having faith in the providence of God (based on Genesis 12 - 50). Seems like lots of folk saw the connections and appreciated them as they/we struggle to make sense of God in the midst of our life. Thanks!!

Rick said...

Hey brother,

Great story. I miss you man! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the job. All my best to my brother in Chicago.