Saturday, July 30, 2005

An absolute must-read

My friend Natala has written an incredible account of her relationship with a girl who was a porn performer. Check out Seeing Jesus Through a Porn Star. I'd make the time to read it through from the beginning, here - but do not end this day without reading the part 8 post, here

I daresay that if you don't identify, you haven't been a Christian long - or have been a much, much better one than I have been.


natala said...

the journey of writing these posts has been one that has taught me so much. thank you for your comments.
much peace to you today...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this link, Steve...lots to chew on. It's been ages since I've been the churchy type, and Natala's experience with Marie reminds me of why. Oh, to find a community of folks truly seeking Christ, not Chistianity. I'm finding it on the web with folks like you, but what I'd give to have some of that in real life, you know?

~pen~ said...

i linked this on my own blog, linked your friend natala, as well, and that after i dried my eyes.

thank you for this steve. what an amazing read that took you not only there but also inward.

that was the painful part.