Sunday, July 31, 2005

A euphemism for "almost done"

Ninety percent of the stuff takes ninety percent of the time. And the last ten percent of the stuff still takes 90 percent of the time, too.

Well, it's almost done, I guess. The majority of my stuff - more than 90 percent - is now residing in the Pullman neighborhood. The remainder is still in Hyde Park, and that is tomorrow's work.

It's been a long, long, long damn day. I managed to hurt myself - tripped on the bare bed-frame and fell (with about half my weight) on the exposed corner of the bed-frame, resulting in a fairly severe (and bloody) puncture wound. Freaked me out, to be honest - not to mention that it was half an hour before I was supposed to get the U-Haul truck. But, some pressure, some ice, some hydrogen peroxide, and an improvised pressure bandage later, it seems to be some better.

So when I finally dragged myself south to get the truck, I found out the truck was available, and ready - but the KEYS had gone home with the former renters, who were not responding to their phone. I could either take a 26-foot truck - that I couldn't even turn corners with, in our neighborhood - or I could wait until 3 PM (my helpers were scheduled to arrive at 1). What could I do? I said I'd come back.

The people who I asked to help me were absolute guardian angels - they swept up the boxes I'd packed, got them to the street while we waited for the truck to become available, and then my friend Craig H. was God's own loadmaster, and packed that truck so not a single thing shifted in the 11 mile journey to the real South Side.

There's clothes, computer stuff, and 3 months worth of dust and whatever to clean up - so I will have a busy, busy day tomorrow (as busy as I can be, that is, as a hop-along). But for now, I'm going to take a goodly dose of Advil, and put my butt to bed.

Thanks for your prayers - I wouldn't have made it without 'em. And thank you, God, for the gift of great friends, reasonably good weather, and the beginning of the next great adventure.

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Michael Dodd said...

Congratulations on the move-thus-far! Sorry about your accident and sorry that my own feeble frame kept me from helping yesterday. I heard from at least one of those who were there that they had a good time, though.