Monday, August 08, 2005

Outta my mind on Monday moanin'

Yes, since it's 12:09 AM, it's definitely Monday moanin' time...

Good moanin' - I've been asked by a little Lutheran church about 90 miles south of here to be a lay preacher whilst the pastor is away at the ELCA churchwide assembly. My buddy Mike Willis met the pastor's wife in Gettysburg, of all places, and suggested me as a sub for the good Rev while he's outta town. So that will be interesting. And it's a great text - Matthew 15:10-20, 21-28. The downside is, it's an 8:30 service (meaning 6:30 AM departure!) and it's not air-conditioned. But hey, given the fact of my current status, this is very cool.

Moanin' - the folks upstairs moved out this weekend, and I went up to see the apartment I'm supposed to move into. The way it looks now - dirty, icky walls and floors that haven't been cleaned or painted in what looks like forever - is pretty depressing. But I'm gonna talk to my buddy about getting some plain Killz (stop-stain white, to those of you from out east) on the walls before I move in. But it's gonna take some heavy-duty cleaning to get it done - and I'll be gone most of next weekend. So that sucks.

Good moanin' - I started sorting through some of my stuff in the garage, and figuring out where it's gonna go - upstairs, or in a storage area downstairs. The answer (especially given the cleaning/paint needed upstairs) is probably "downstairs." Well, at least I'll know what to get rid of if the boxes are unopened this time next year!

Good moanin' - a delightful young man has been corresponding with me about issues of faith and Christian life. He's from way south-n-east - but his questions are quite powerful, and remind me of the questions of faith that I had (which remained devastatingly unanswered for years). He may not know it - but he's given me much more than I could ever give him as we've volleyed emails back and forth. Thank you, God, for someone with whom I can share my faith!

But it's 12:30, and it's time to hit the hay. Peace -

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Michael Dodd said...

Talk about your small world, Steve, when I was surfing around for things about the great gospel you get to preach on, I ran into this:I had a proffesor that gave an interesting explanation of the story of the gentile woman coming to Jesus in Matt. 15.22. He said that when Jesus said, "It isn't right to take food from the children and throw it to the dogs" it was the same in that culture as it would be to call her a profane name in our culture. Calling her a dog was the worst insult you could throw at someone.

I heard that Tony Campbolo said this once when he was invited to speak....I believe it was at some kind of graduation ceremony for a bible school, I can't be certain, anyway, here it is;

"The world is going to hell in a handbasket and the church doesn't give a shit. And the reason the world is going to hell in a handbasket is because you are more upset at the fact that I just said shit, than you are at the fact that the world is going to hell in a handbasket."


Just Saturday night you told me a slightly different version of that Tony Campbolo story, and here it is connected to the upcoming gospel.

I'll be praying for you. (I don't really double-dog dare you to say...)