Monday, February 13, 2006

Catching up slowly

Well, the low-battery indicator on life started flashing about noon on Friday, and by about 4 PM I had a pretty good idea I was coming down with a cold. And a nasty one to boot. Sneezing, watery eyes, you name it. Yuck.

So I did the right thing - went home at a reasonable hour Friday (having heard that we'd have a work-free weekend - one of our primary systems would be down all weekend long). I picked up pizza on the way home, made it through the last of the Stargate: Atlantis season one DVD's, and was in bed by about 9 PM. Because the nasal congestion screws with the working of my CPAP breathing machine, Friday night was an up-and-down night - I kept getting woken up at 2, 3:30, and 5 AM - but really didn't have the energy to sit up and be productive.

So I just tossed and turned most of the night, and finally got up and went with one of my sponsees to one of my favorite AA meetings - a men's meeting on the north side of town. But by the time I got home again, I was completely wiped out, and spent the afternoon on my sofa, dozing in and our of consciousness and going through multiple boxes of Kleenex...

And today was more of the same. I took myself out for breakfast, but then basically cat-napped the day away. I really didn't have any energy or desire to do anything other than do some reading, and sleep. And it's ridiculous, but at 11:45 PM I'm way too ready to get horizontal again.

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Peter said...

Sounds like a message from your body, Steve man.