Monday, February 06, 2006

Reading, writing and r...well, laundry

Today, I took the day off of everything today to take care of me. Took myself out to breakfast, during which I started writing a book review that I've been going to do for ages. Then came back and watched the last two episodes of Stargate Atlantis:Season One and started gathering up the laundry.

Got the opportunity to spend some time with a sponsee that I'd not spent time with for a while, and did that in lieu of the Sunday afternoon meeting. While the UC Hutch Commons' C-shop is a nice place to people watch, the quality of the coffee and food there has nose-dived since I left Hyde Park. Yuck. Hope it was just a bad afternoon or something...anyway, we went for a bit of a drive along Lake Shore Drive and talked, and then I dropped him off about 5, and came on home.

The evening has been catching up on a bunch of blogs I haven't read in, oh, a month or more. And I haven't touched half of them on my blog-roll yet! But it was definitely good to catch up with a number of folks who I haven't read in a while. Too many good authors, way too freakin' little time...

But it's just before one AM Monday, the laundry is done, I have stuff for lunch for tomorrow, and I'm winding down off the afternoon caffeine high. What my sister calls "sudden sleep syndrome" seems to have kicked in, and it's past time to just go to bed, to be honest.

Topics for the days to come:
- Renita Weems, and journeying through silence and doubt
- The experience of struggling with prayer
- Damien's "Never-Ending Meme"

As evening turns to morning, my prayer comes from the Holden Evening Prayer:

Now as evening falls around us
We will raise our song to You
God of daybreak
God of shadows
Come and light our hearts anew.

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