Friday, August 06, 2004

54 degrees...

...who'da thunk it?

I'm in Toledo, back with sister Sue and her husband Jeff, who are embarking on the "we're moving out of the ancestral home into a much smaller condo" adventure. So I thought I'd just bring my laundry home, and wear what I laundered. Smart move, eh?

Except, of course, that what I had in my laundry was t-shirts, summer shirts and shorts. And it's 54 degrees.

Now admittedly, I'm well-insulated enough that I'm generally good in shorts down to about 50-55...but it's also a wee bit breezy here. So it's "brisk and refreshing," to put it mildly. Still, I will take this weather anytime over hot and humid Chicago summers, and just give thanks to God we didn't have to deal with what my friends in Kansas City had earlier this week (heat indices above 105!!).

I hate to admit it, but my mental health and the strength of my faith seems to be stronger, somehow, when the weather is cool and dry. It may sound bad, but God just seems to smile more when my thighs aren't sticking together. So thank you, Lord, for this respite - for all of us whose spiritual fortitude wobbles in the dog-days of summer. And thank You for a really, really easy summer, so least as far as the weather has gone. Some of the rest of it hasn't been quite what I would have chosen...but then, You know I've always been a whiney, demanding so-&-so, and out of Your goodness, love me anyway.

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