Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"Shrink....I wanna KILL...."

(For those of you who are too young to have encountered Arlo Guthrie's maniacal classic, "Alice's Restaurant," the title of this post is from that song. If you haven't listened to the whole thing, I'd advise you to do so.)

While I was writing my last post, I went searching for a link to a Steven Curtis Chapman song that I love, titled For The Sake of the Call. I found one site, and clicked to link it to my blog - and out of nowhere, a little "confirmation box" popped up - and before I could catch myself, I'd hit the enter key, and I'd been "hijacked." And oooooh, that just honks me off something awful.

So now I'm running Ad-Aware, and will follow with Norton AntiVirus. I've uninstalled the obvious "Ad-Destroyer" and "WebSearchPlus" applications - but right now, I really wouldn't want to be in the same room with a tire-iron and any one of the folks who design this crap-ware. I'm not normally a violent person - but being violated in any sense just infuriates me. As my friend Bob Sollmer so often says, "That tiger is still in the cage - but the cage isn't locked."

God, help me never to descend to their level - even though it sounds like a perfectly delicious thought sometimes. Amen.


Nick said...

So you inadvertantly installed ad-aware or you had to use ad-aware to get rid of crap? Ad-aware seems to really clean up junk and spyware on my computer.

Steve F. said...

Nope..I run AdAware regularly (religiously?). But AdAware didn't kill it, and Norton AV would only identify the culprits - auto-destruct wouldn't work. So I had to go into safe mode and delete the offending schmucks. Yeesh.

Dave said...

Dude, I'm telling you. MAC people don't generally have these worries.

Mia said...

Enough with the MAc heads already!!!


Anonymous said...

2:00 fuckin' a.m.: Stumbled on this site in a pissed off mood. Will probably never find my way back. Pissed AND drunk. Am former altar boy. Disenfranchised Catholic. I had, AND, still have a lot of respect for the old Capuchin Monk I worked for. He really was a man of the FAITH. Don't make 'em like that any more. Taught me how to catch BIG Channel Catfish. Died a few years back at 93. Wished I had his faith.... Wished we all did...I hope the best for you and those that visit your site..........Ciao!