Saturday, August 21, 2004

A great end to a VERY busy day

Oh, my aching back...

Yet another Toledo in late Thursday night after a trouble-free drive from Chicago, and spent Friday running around in the pouring rain. Now, I love rain - when I can stay home and watch it...preferably after a big breakfast, sitting by a roaring fire, and watch it rain and storm with a big mug of Raspberry Zinger hot tea, a fascinating book, and some antiphonal brass music of Gabrielli on the stereo. (To me, that scenario is about as close to heaven as I may be able to get here on earth - at least, with my clothes on.)

But when you have a hundred errands to run, a short time-window to get 'em done, rain is an uncomfortable thing. And when it comes rain storms, this one was right up there at an almost-like-the-fire-hoses-of God rate, it's never pretty.

But today was absolutely beautiful - sunny but not too hot, dry but not overly so, and the most beautiful, crystal-clear blue skies you could imagine. Both my sister Sue and brother-in-law Jeff had to work, so I was manning the 9 AM- 4 PM garage-sale from 8:10 (when the "early-bird shopping-folks started to arrive) to 10 AM all by myself. So it's been a busy, and hard working day. My back is sore, my nostrils are fully of dust - and I'm grateful to be alive and sober today, so that I can be a part of today's exercises. It's been hard work, but it's good work. We are closer to completion - and we have gotten rid of a lot of stuff. But, as a friend so frequently says, "The first 80% of the work takes 80% of your time; and the last 20% also takes 80% to complete."

For now, my head is nodding, so I'm actually going to head to bed. Tomorrow is going to come very, very early. There's lots more I'ld like to write - but it's just not gonna be that way this evening.

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