Thursday, August 26, 2004

Mulligan stew

For the younger generation, "mulligan stew" was a meal (presumably Irish in origin) which was made by throwing little bits of everything into the pot, and letting them simmer together for a while. It's very much like the idea of "Stone Soup," which is a great tradition (and a great traditional story). So that's what this post will be....a little bit of everything.

I really need to do something different when it comes to editing my entries. I just spent the better part of an hour writing a clever (and reasonably theological) discourse about the whole communion issue, and somehow hit the control-and-something keys, and sent the whole thing into the bit bucket.

That really sucks.

The good news is, you’re spared my discourse about the Eucharist until at least the weekend – probably Monday night, at best. The bad news is, I’ve got to find something to make these posts easier to write (or harder to completely trash in mid-stream). I don't want to go through this again!

I leave Thursday night for Ohio - this is "move weekend" for my stalwart sister Sue and brother-in-law Jeff. There have been some last-minute snafus in the closing for the new place - and my mild fear (and the major fear of my bro-in-law) is that they will close on the old house on Thursday, and then not be able to close on the new place on Friday, and have no place to go with all their belongings. (The new owners of the old house have stipulated that they be out of the house on Monday). So there is some praying going on with THAT in mind.

The forecast for the weekend is on-and-off showers, and high temperatures and humidity. That would pretty much suck, too. It's survivable - but it won't be fun, for sure. I've moved in the rain before - and it is just no fun. So I'm trying to be positive, and pray for the deluge to hold off as much as possible.

My back is still not entirely recovered from last weekend - so I need to be as good a boy as I can this weekend, too - which will be tough. Need to see if we can find some reinforcements for Saturday's move-the-non-heavy furniture time.

So I will be away from this keyboard from Thursday night until Sunday night. Forgive the extended silence - and trust that there will be much to do when I get back to Chicago on Monday! Until then, peace, y'all.

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Dave said...

How bout writing the post in the word program on your computer (microsoft works or whatever) and then cut and paste it into the Blog? It might give you additonal formatting options too.

You sound like you're doing ok. That's good.