Sunday, August 08, 2004

Just catchin' up... actually is Sunday morning, 3 minutes, anyway. I'm in Toledo, Ohio with sister Sue as she and husband Jeff get ready to move to a condo within a month. It's been a full...and yet relaxed...couple of days. If only I could live like this, and get paid for it, life would be wonderful. Alas, and alack, it is not to be.

Topics that I've been thinking about, but haven't really sat long enough with 'em to write about, yet:
- The ongoing question of "WIGDIAT?," and why it's really worth asking
- Struggling with the "hey, we may have a job for you" syndrome
- The "so what would you like to do?" conundrum - and the one true answer that nobody seems to want to hear
- Thoughts on leaving the closest thing we have to an "ancestral home," and what really makes a "home," anyway?
- The blessings of truly "old friends"
All those are coming either you've got something to look forward to, or you can start looking for something really worthwhile to do with your time, I suppose.

For now, I have been over-fed some really, really fresh, high-quality vegetables (corn, green & wax beans) and whipped up a batch of really good sausage-&-zucchini soup, and it's been a great day, although we didn't get as many boxes packed as we could have. We've got a full day scheduled for tomorrow before I head back to The Big City, so maybe the best thing to do would be to just ring the curtain down on today. In fact, I'm almost sure it is. G'night (or g'morning), y'all.

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