Friday, October 15, 2004

And now, in the role of Lazarus...Steve McQueen

Field of Dreams fans have been accorded the ultimate tribute by Ford Motor Company in their latest broadcast ads for the redesigned retro Mustang.

In a New York Times article, you can read how a new ad shows a farmer plowing a racetrack in his cornfield in order to race his new 2005 Mustang. In a direct rip-off of the movie, out of the cornstalks materializes Steve McQueen (who brought the original 'Stang to prominence in his 1968 movie "Bullitt"). The farmer throws "Shoeless Steve" the keys, and the resurrected pop icon hops in the Mustang and tears up the track.

I think it just might work if the 700 Club or Liberty University did a version of the ad where the farmer builds the track, then Jesus appears on it, and calls McQueen forth... then Jesus hands McQueen the keys to the Mustang. Not sure who would actually be doing the "product placement" in that situation... it would probably work well on that TV show that the BBC is airing about Anglican ministers (see Micah Jackson's posting here).

I's irreverent. Those who know me are not surprised, at this point.

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