Friday, October 15, 2004

Oh, "there's no such thing as evil," huh?

Guess again. The proof is right here.

I hope the moron who did this has a lot of friends. Because he's gonna need every one of 'em to save himself from the people who will be ready to hunt him down. And God help me, but I'd be ready to cheer the hunters on. So much for reacting with compassion, eh?

If ever there was a time when I would take up arms, this would be it. Why do we have to go to freakin' Iraq to fight terrorism? Just drive south on the Santa Monica freeway.

Only the knowledge of the unsaved souls around me who haven't been reached by the Gospel keeps me from saying, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and take us all home...'cause evidently we can't play well on our own down here."

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