Sunday, October 31, 2004

Another good reason to support the NICWJ

Yesterday, I got a call from the "Faithful Citizen Project" of the National Interfaith Council for Worker Justice (NICWJ). I'd registered to vote with the Project back in June - and it seems they were following up with everyone they had registered, to encourage them to actually vote in the elections Tuesday (you did know we're having elections, didn't you?).

Not only did they call with that encouragement, they also left the number of the Chicago Board of Elections, and the webpage where one can find their polling place in Chicago. And, since my voter registration card says that I'm registered, but not where to vote, that was very helpful information.

So thank you, everyone who works on the Faithful Citizen project, and the NICWJ in general. I give thanks to God for people whose faith has both hands and feet! Check out their site, and maybe contribute to their work.

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