Sunday, October 03, 2004

Realization about getting older, part MCMXVIII

As I was headed to church this morning, today's WDRV "Rock'n'Roll Roots" was all about October 3rd, 1971. Recognize any of these songs?
Rare Earth, "I Just Wanna Celebrate"
War, "All Day Music" (" what we like to play")
Aretha Franklin, "Spanish Harlem"
Dramatics, "Watcha See is Watcha Get"
The Guess Who, "Rain Dance"
Five Man Electrical Band, "Signs"
Al Greene, "Tired of Being Alone"
Paul McCartney & Wings, "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"
Cat Stevens, "Peace Train"
Yes, "Your Move/I See All Good People"
Yup...thirty-three years ago...just some of the music playing during my freshman year of high school.

In a way, I don't know what to feel about that. As DJ Bob Stroud said, it was a time of immense diversity in music (click on the link above to see the whole list for October 3rd to really understand what diversity is!)...and I'm glad I was exposed to it and got to live in it. But there was also that little voice (that usually lives in the back of my head) that jumped up to my forebrain, and exclaimed...

"DANG,'re old."

But, as a wise friend often says, the only thing worse than getting to be this not getting to be this old. I'll take it, today. Thanks, God, for another day in "the Great Adventure."


Dave said...

I remember all those songs, although I was in the 5th grade in 1971.

What does the "part 1918" mean?

Steve F. said...

Just indicating that there have been many, many parts to this "realizations about getting older" process - and hopefully there will be many, many more of 'em.... young guys like YOU will recognize 'em earlier, when they happen... :-)