Friday, October 22, 2004

A morning prayer

God, make a fresh start in me; shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life. (Psalm 51:10, from The Message)

Lord God, you promised that you would make all things new. Start your work with me this morning, would you?

Let the Light of the World chase the clouds from my soul, and let Your light shine in me, and through me - for of and by myself, I am a force of darkness and chaos.

Help me leave my resentments, my fears, my doubts, and my envy in Your care today, and let me walk by faith, not by sight..because on my own, I don't see too well.

Let me be Your instrument of peace, and not just a blunt instrument of my own will. May every action today be guided by Your will, and not my own self-centeredness and selfishness. You know, O Lord, which one I am most likely to choose - just help me to choose differently, today.

Remind me, minute by minute, of Your love, and your mercy - and that the people I meet today are Your children, who struggle every bit as much as I do, most days.

I cannot do any of this without Your help. So shepherd me, O God, from all my thoughts, and all my wants, and all my fears, from death into life. Amen.

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