Wednesday, June 22, 2005

100% Anselm, 93% Luther...

I'm not really shirking my duties - just managed to "twist & shout" the ol' lower back a bit too much at the wedding, and so I'm spending more time on ice-pack and with Advil. And the fact is, sitting at a PC all day and then sitting at one all night just puts a little too much pressure on those disc thingies, and my left leg gets numb. So I'm been in bed, and I'll be back there soon, too.

Upcoming topics which you can anticipate:
- Why I'm not a Catholic, and why that's both good and too bad
- The good news of being disillusioned - and composting as spiritual growth
- The ruts we settle into
- The Pride parade and my blogging anniversary, and
- Whatever else flits into this little-bitty mind o' mine.

But I have to admit - some of these test things are fun!

You scored as Anselm. Anselm is the outstanding theologian of the medieval period.He sees man's primary problem as having failed to render unto God what we owe him, so God becomes man in Christ and gives God what he is due. You should read 'Cur Deus Homo?'



Martin Luther


John Calvin


Paul Tillich


J├╝rgen Moltmann


Friedrich Schleiermacher




Charles Finney


Karl Barth


Jonathan Edwards


Which theologian are you?
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Michael Dodd said...

A couple of years ago I went dancing at Roscoe's with some friends, me at fifty-three and them in their late thirties. I had a blast, but I learned two things: One, when you are drinking club soda with a twist of lime, you feel pretty much the same after the third one as you did to start with; and Two, fifty-year-old knees were not made for jumping up and down on a dance floor for two straight (to use the word loosely) hours.

Hope you recover soon. And keep on dancing...

PS: As for Anselm, did God become homo? Do the evangelicals know this?

New Life said...

I was Anselm/Moltmann.

Hey, upcoming posts, why you are NOT catholic, do you mean ROMAN Catholic or do you mean catholic in general? AS you know, there are folks who have a catholic view of the faith that is NOT from the Roman perspective; Like someone you know... :)

Hey, get better. Rest is a good thing. :)

Anonymous said...

What's with all the Anselm? I really need to look into this dude (ingnorance alert!) I scored Anselm/Calvin. Must be the jeans.