Thursday, June 16, 2005


As much fun as being up with Chris was last night, today was one long day - and it started out on short sleep rations.

We had a big-deal reception planned for our members and donors - and unfortunately, the plans for what we were doing and where we were doing it got changed at the second-to-last minute, and then again at the last minute, by powers greater than myself. (The good news is that there actually is a last minute - otherwise nothing would ever get done!)

The end result was, of course, that there was a lot of last minute rework, a lot of running back and forth from one end of our facility to the other (a long full city block) through tropical (read: steamy and warm) environments. So I'm exhausted, my feet are sore, and I'm just drained.

So I'm going to trust that there really isn't anything that has to be said tonight, and I'm going to bed, and deal with the wreckage of today when the sun comes up. Peace, y'all...

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Michael Dodd said...

As our friend says, "All you have to say is two words at night -- Thank you!" And I think collapsing gratefully into well-earned rest kind of does it all.