Friday, August 19, 2005

Eternal rest grant unto Brother Roger...

I haven't been following the news much, and so was shocked to hear of the brutal murder of Brother Roger, the founder of the Taize' movement in France. You can read a good summary of the tragic events here.

The founder is gone on to glory - but the movement, and its work here on earth, continues. "Well done, good and faithful servant..."


Lynne said...

Hi Steve,
I have been following your blog for a while. This morning the Daily Dig had this to say from Brother Roger

Happy Are They
Brother Roger of Taizé

One of the first things Christ says in the Gospel is this: "Happy the simple-hearted!" Yes, happy those who head towards simplicity, simplicity of heart and simplicity of life.

A simple heart attempts to live in the present moment, to welcome each day as God’s today… Simplifying our life enables us to share with the least fortunate, in order to alleviate suffering where there is disease, poverty, famine…

Where can we find the simplicity indispensable for living out the Gospel? Some words of Christ enlighten us. One day he said to his disciples, "Let the little children come to me; the realities of God are for those who are like them."

And so we would like to say to God: "God, you love us: turn us into people who are humble; give us great simplicity in our prayer, in human relationships, in welcoming others."

More from Brother Roger, who was stabbed to death on Tuesday.

Source: “A Future of Peace: Brother Roger’s Letter for 2005”

ukok said...

You know, for the first time since Brother Roger's murder, I actually witnessed an internet discussion earlier today about whether or not he actually converted to Catholicism or not and whether the Holy Father should have expressed his sorrow at his passing if it not be the case.

As though Catholics only mourn the passing of Catholics!

sorry for that little outburst, I just couldn't believe it.

May Brother Roger rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon him.


God Bless.