Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Great truths are simple...

...and this one, from a fellow blogger, can be so true for me:
I am more interested in knowing what God is doing in your soul than I am about your theology. Personally, I don't have the guts to follow Jesus, so I often settle for being a Christian.
Thanks, Rick, for speaking the truth about my life, too.

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New Life said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for stopping over...and thanks for the plugging my blog. I am gald we found each other. I will blogroll you today. I love Brennan Manning as well. I have several of his tapes and listen to them over and over. One of my all time favorites is Max's "And The Angels Were Silent". Yea, I like Motlmann, but sometimes I need a little Max. :)

God's peace,