Saturday, September 11, 2004

Saner, and a bit more organized

What a difference six hours of sleep can make.

Physically, I'm in about the same state I was at 2 a.m. - I still need to head to the hospital and get this thing on my side checked out (and removed, probably). But the difference is that confessing just where (and how) I was early this morning helped to just put me to sleep, and for that I'm grateful. Confession, evidently, is good for the soul.

I'm feeling better rested than I've been in a month, too - even though I didn't really get to bed until after 2 AM, and was up just after 8. I've been moving slowly around the apartment this morning, trying to pick up the wreckage that is my living space (although, to be honest, it looks like an active crack addict has been living here - something straight out of Trainspotting). I've gotten to the sick-&-tired-of-being-sick-&-tired stage of the game with the clutter - and to be honest, I'd be embarrassed if someone came over to visit once I get back from said hospital. So a shower, and several loads of laundry, are on the top of the list for today. Oh, and getting that FedEx package off to the insurance folks...that's really right after "shower" on the list.

Ever lose something that you had just a bit ago, and know that you didn't throw it out, but can't seem to find it anywhere? I'm at that point with the clutter in my room. Yeah, it's making me crazy - but it's a different (and much preferable) kind of crazy to where I was six hours ago, I guess.

Thank you, God, for carrying me through places where I would not normally choose to walk. I'm not yet grateful for the challenges - but I'm grateful to be seeing daylight on them.

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