Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'm not sure who voted for these....

but it's both a tragedy and a travesty.

JD Powers & Associates has rated restaurants, and you can find their results here. Personally, I think whoever in the Midwest rated Olive Garden over Famous Dave's BBQ needs to have their medication adjusted (or started, for that matter). Now I agree with the worst votes, but I am sorry to hear that my old-home favorite, Friendly's Ice Cream, has sunk to the level of Denny's and Chuck E. Cheese's. That's a tragedy.

A number of years ago, back east in Connecticut and Massachusetts, you could still go into a Friendly's, and get a great milkshake - one that you could actually drink through a straw without a vacuum pump to assist you. And butter-grilled hotdogs on toasted buns.....mmm, mmm...can feel my arteries getting even less elastic by the moment, just from the memories. I have lots of fond recollections of youthful encounters in those restaurants, so it's tough to hear that they've sunk down to the level of another childhood memory site, Howard Johnson's. Grrr.

Hey, you Chicago readers - if there were 2 Chicago area restaurants that I should not miss before I leave Chicago, what would they be? (Not eligible for voting are: Giordano's, Pizza Capri, or any of the Hyde Park regulars, like the Medici, the Dixie Kitchen, Salonica, or Valois. Let's be original, folks!)

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Lisa P. said...

I haven't eaten there myself, but I've heard Robinson's on the South Side is not to be missed. Supposed to be some of the best BBQ in Chicago. I'd be up for checking it out with you some time.