Sunday, September 12, 2004

Powerful resources for faith communities

Kim Bobo, the director of the National Interfaith Council for Worker Justice, has announced the production of two very cool resources - one for faith communities of any type and size, and one targeted specifically for Lutherans.
The first resource, Congregational Profiles: A guide to non- partisan voter registration in religious congregations, is a powerful look at voter registration efforts in 8 different congregations, with faith traditions from AME Zion to Muslim to Unitarian, and ranging from 97 to 2,500 members in size. It looks like a good "how you might do it" resource.
The second is Lutheran Resources for Worker Justice, and features Martin Luther and Worker Justice, Work and Vocation by ELCA presiding bishop Mark Hanson, profiles of Lutheran leaders involved in worker justice, ELCA statements on workers' rights, suggested actions for the local church, and even a labor liturgy, if you are so inclined. It's good reading - especially if you're a seminarian needing a break from Hans Kung or Jurgen Moltmann or something.
Both resources are downloadable from their website (the titles are also links to that site) and can be requested direct from the NICWJ. Kim also wrote in her email that "get out the vote" resources. If you had a sheckel or two to throw in their cup, you could also do that here. The NICWJ is doing great work - a Chicago-based organization doing good for the Kingdom, and not just for any one cause in particular. Check out their stuff.

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