Wednesday, November 24, 2004

An argument for the record books

Is an individual's constitutional right to bear arms superceded by an oil-refinery's right not to risk a cataclysmic explosion?

That is just one of the questions being posed in this AP article discussing a newly passed Oklahoma law that permits employees to keep guns in their locked cars on company property. ConocoPhillips (who has offices and a refinery in Oklahoma) is joining Williams Energy in suing to keep the law from being enacted.

The arguments made in this article by the pro-gun folks are the kinds of things that encourage otherwise level-headed citizens to label gun-lobby folks with some pretty unpleasant names. Let's face it - if Chicago Transit Authority employees on the south side of Chicago (parts of which really are "the baddest part of town") don't get to bring guns with them to the Green Line's park-&-ride, how can anyone possibly justify it in rural Oklahoma? I really have to wonder, somedays...

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