Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Veterans Day: "A Pittance of Time"

Take two remember.

Our neighbors in Canada (where Veterans Day is "Remembrance Day") have produced a beautiful video about remembering veterans. Follow this link to read the story, and watch the's worth every minute. I admit that I can be a weepy sap at times, but this one brought unashamed tears to my eyes. Spread it around, girls and boys.

And, if you're traveling this weekend, and see one of our servicemen (and women) as you go, stop and tell them what another blogger suggested: "I'm grateful for your service."

I don't have to agree with the policies that started - or perpetuate - this war, or any other. But I'm very, very grateful for the men and women who believe enough to put their lives on the line.

To every person who has ever served in the armed forces, in any capacity: "thank you" is a poor substitute for the gratitude in my heart for you. I hope my life and my faith can in some way be a repayment for your service.

Happy Veterans Day.


Talmida said...

This is great! Thank you. I'll post it on my blog as well.

sic said...

I too will quote you quoting the Canadian Armed Forces on this one. Thanks for sharing.

Natala said...

My brother is an airforce guy.... and we've got a good friend over in Iraq right now. They really need our support, I think of the men who came home from Vietnam, and were in such pain, and the hate a lot of them went through. We need to embrace our soldiers, even if we don't agree with certain things, they are putting their lives on the line and I think that's something we can all thank them for. Thanks for writing this reminder..

Poor Mad Peter said...

The nationwide sale of poppies to be worn on Remembrance Day in Canada originated in 1921 right here in what is now Thunder Bay, Ontario (was Port Arthur then).

Granny said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Ann (another friend of Bill)

Mark Stevens said...

I am a British Royal Marine with 18 years of service having served in both gulf wars, Afghanistan, bosnia, Kosovo and N.Ireland. Today I stood alongside my Canadian, British, Norwegian, Dutch and Belgium Brothers & Sisters in Westkapelle, Nr Walcheren, Netherlands to commemerate the fallen during the battle for Walcheren on 3 Oct 44. I returned tonight to find a friend had emailed the video of a Pittance of time, and it said everything in a few minutes of the thanks I wanted to tell the surviving Vets from that day. I hope this is shown in UK to remind the British public that whatever their political beliefs we need their support. Superb words and video that says it all - many, many thanks

Mark, Holland

Steve F. said...

Mark, I am one of the men and women who have benefitted from your service, and the valor of those who died in the line of service. My father was US Army Air Corp and USAF Reserve for 30 years before he died.

If finding "A Pittance of Time" honors you and your fellow soldiers in any way, it is my blessing to be able to put it here.

I watched it again today - and the tears of joy and of blessing came freely again.

God bless you, and those who have served beside you.

A grateful civilian,