Friday, November 19, 2004

A drizzly-morning prayer, and reflection

Day after day we pray to you, God, knowing that our words are often poor and wingless, and stumble from our hearts like strangers. Yet we continue to wait for the time when even our anguish and silence will be touched by your healing glory, and we will be one with You in peace and joy. Give us patience in these heavy- burdened days, Lord. Strengthen us to labor at Your gates mighty God, this day and every day, until those gates stand open wide and visible to all, so that every one of us can enter into communion with Your spirit. Amen.
(Samuel H. Miller, "Prayers for Daily Use," page 30)
(Who's this Samuel Miller guy? Learn more here.)

It's a rainy Friday morning in Chicago. As much as I need to, I really don't want to go out in the rain, or stand in the weather waiting for the bus or the El. I'd love for my prayers to soar like eagles, or like the Concorde...high and strong and beautiful. As a wise man once said, "Some of my prayers are Concordes and some are crop-dusters" - and the scale, I'm afraid, is weighted heavily to one side. But I know that both kinds of prayer are welcome in God's sky, regardless how attractive or airworthy they might seem at the time.

My faith may seem to waver and contract with the change in the season - but through the water and the rain of this day,I have have to trust that God is hearing what I'd like to say, and hearing "the part that really matters" in everything I say or do. My heart may be heavy, but God's burdens are light. Which one will I choose? Only by God's help can I choose and live a life that would honor my Creator!


Peter said...

I am working through the recently-discovered idea that when you write, you pray, whether you know it or not.

And i recently interviewed a luthier (musical instrument maker) who prays as he builds guitars. He says the guitars Are prayers themselves.

Unknown said...

If only my prayers could get off the ground. Forget crop duster, i would be happy to be a butterfly. Yet, I am mot and my prayers are not even close flying. What to do? I don't know.

I guess just hope for the best. I think I am going to go over to sacred gateway and do their prayer thingy. sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn't. we'll see...