Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Need a little more Life in my day

There's a song by the Christian group Newsong (I think) that talks about the need for more time - which is definitely what I'm struggling with, right now. There's just too much to do, and too little time to do it.

Of course, their answer is that I don't need "more time in my life," but that I "need a little more Life in my day." The fact is, I could have come home and unpacked and wrote for an hour and a half, rather than taking a car-less co-worker grocery shopping and to get food for her dog. That was a choice I made; but this morning, needing at least 90 minutes between now and 9 AM, it's just a little annoying to see the price of my choices.

In the meantime, check out today's post at Damien's Spot about a young gay man who set fire to himself in St. Peter's Square. The portion of Alfredo Ormando's letter posted there is the secret cry of many, many closeted gay and lesbian Christians, and explains a lot about why he took the action he did. While I never believe that suicide is the answer, I certainly understand how one can get to that place. I've been near there a time or two myself...

Oh, well...gotta run. "God, grant me the serenity..."

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Kat said...

read damien spot's story about sad that a man feels driven to seek solace in death and not life because life condemned him as a person. and even sadder that it's the church who condemned him.