Thursday, September 15, 2005

A quick catch-up

I have been working more the last couple days, as my time at my current employer is winding down. Tomorrow was originally supposed to be my last day. Then, one of my two bosses asked me to work Friday and Monday. Then she intimated that boss #2 might have work for me for another week or more, working on the firm's audit preparations.

Then I get a call from a major temporary-to-permanent firm here in Chicago, saying they have openings for a temp-to-perm payroll specialist position - that could be an ASAP hire. Add this on top of seeing an ideal position - in Columbus, OH, of all places - and I just don't know. There's part of me that hates to even think about finishing unpacking, because I'll just have to leave again. (How's that for projection?) Of course, part of me just doesn't want to unpack because I'm the epitome of sloth...

Last night, at 10:15 it was still 83 degrees. Tonight, after a light rain and a cool front, it is 64 F, for which I give great thanks to God. Woo-HOO!

I have no idea what tomorrow may bring - endings, beginnings, who knows. So I'm just going to trust that God will walk with me through it all, and go to bed. Peace, y'all.

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wilsonian said...

But isn't it wonderful to know that your future if full of choice? There are so many wonderful things ahead for you... :)