Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We all need to hear this

Today...or tonight...set yourself up with the beverage of your choice, and go to the website of the NPR program This American Life. Go down to "Last Week: After The Flood," click on the RealAudio (RA) link, and start listening. It will take about an hour.

No political ranting here - just the stories of real people in the heart of the storm. These are not sound bites, but extended narratives of the experiences of people walking through hell.

A woman who was at the convention center talks about some things she says were widely misreported and misunderstood. Two people explain how armed police from neighboring Gretna actually prevented them from leaving New Orleans at the height of the crisis. A teenager talks about what it actually feels like to go without water for two days. And more.

These are stories that need to be heard. It will be a difficult, but worthwhile hour - trust me.

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Bar Bar A said...

Steve, just wanted to say that your comment over at Rick's really spoke to me...I can relate.

Also, thanks for pointing us to this NPR broadcast...I am off to listen (while I work).